Reasons Your Air Conditioner Ductwork Is Leaking

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Reasons Your Air Conditioner Ductwork Is Leaking

An AC uses ducts as pathways through which air moves between the indoor unit and your house's exterior. If you properly maintain this series of pipes, your thermostat will attain the set temperature efficiently. However, cool air will likely escape to the unconditioned spaces if your ductwork springs a leak. This may result in high electric bills and back drafting, compromising air quality. Thus, you should hire an AC appliance repair technician to fix the leaks for peak efficiency. Read on for four possible reasons why your AC is leaking:

Ground Settling

If your house lies on uncompacted soil, the foundation can sink over time, resulting in damage to the ductwork. In addition, flooding may saturate the soil and weaken it, causing the foundation to resettle. Tremors can also destabilize the ground, leading to the foundation settling. As a result, the seals connecting pipe sections can break and leak cool air. Therefore, you should employ the services of an appliance repair expert to repair the ducts and seal them to prevent energy loss.


Your duct system will inevitably accumulate wear and tear over the years. This is due to constant use, which comes with temperature variations, high humidity, and vibrations. With time, the duct material may corrode, and the seals degrade. Moreover, duct joints might disengage and cause air to leak into the unconditioned spaces. As a result, you will experience weak airflow from the vents with temperature inconsistencies. Accordingly, engage an AC contractor if you notice the ductwork sagging or cracking. They may need to replace the aging ductwork and seal it properly for proper air distribution.

Critter Infiltration

Pests and rodents can creep into the duct system and take refuge. With time, they can eat away at the insulating material covering the ductwork in search of unsealed access. This may result in air leaking through the resulting holes. In addition, rodents can spread harmful diseases, meaning that their presence in the ductwork may cause the air quality to deteriorate. To resolve this, it is imperative that you contact an AC expert to seal the entry points and clean the ductwork regularly.

Zone Pressurization

When you close off some vents, you may cause a pressure imbalance in the ductwork. Consequently, too much pressure can cause the duct segments to detach. Furthermore, insufficient supply may lead to pressure differences that compromise the ducts. Hence, air may leak, reducing energy efficiency.

Leaky air ducts will undoubtedly undermine the system's performance and efficiency. To prevent this, you should book regular check-ups with an AC appliance repair technician to inspect and clean your unit for peak functionality. 

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