Should You Choose A Saltwater Hot Tub For Pain Relief?

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Should You Choose A Saltwater Hot Tub For Pain Relief?

A luxury hot tub can be great for entertaining or relaxing after a long working day, but many hot tub owners also rely on their hot tubs to provide effective pain relief. The heat of the water, combined with the massaging action created by the hot tub's jets, can be very beneficial for people suffering from chronic illnesses, back pain, joint pain, or painful muscle tension. 

If you are looking for a luxury hot tub that will help ease your aches and pains, you have many different types and models of tubs to choose from. Hot tubs that use salt water instead of conventional chlorine-based chemicals are becoming increasingly popular and may be particularly beneficial for people who primarily use their hot tubs for pain relief.

Advantages Of Saltwater Hot Tubs For Pain Relief

Increased Buoyancy

Anyone who has visited the Dead Sea, or used a saltwater floatation tank at a spa, will know that adding salt to water increases its buoyancy. Floating in a saltwater hot tub has the same effect, and will help take the load off of painful joints and muscles more effectively than a chlorinated hot tub. This improved buoyancy can be especially useful for people with chronic back pain.

Healthier Skin

If you want to use your new hot tub for its pain relieving benefits, you may need to soak in the tub for extended periods to achieve significant relief. Unfortunately, sitting in water laden with chlorine and other water-sterilizing chemicals for long periods can take its toll on your skin.

Many people suffer from itchy skin irritation and dryness when exposed to chlorinated water for long periods. The water vapor rising from heated, chlorinated water also contains significant amounts of chlorine, and can irritate your eyes and sinuses if you are particularly sensitive to these chemicals. 

You can avoid these skin and eye complaints by choosing a saltwater hot tub. Soaking in salt water will not dry out your skin or provoke irritation. The salt particles suspended in the water can act as a mild exfoliant, so you may find that your skin is smoother and clearer after using a saltwater hot tub.

Easier Maintenance

If you suffer from joint and/or muscle pain that limits your mobility, keeping a chlorinated hot tub properly maintained may be challenging. You will need to add fresh cleaning chemicals to the water on a regular basis, and the water will need to be completely drained and replaced every few months. Carrying heavy buckets of cleaning chemicals and stooping to reach drain valves aren't exactly fun for people with mobility issues.

Saltwater hot tubs can be maintained with minimal effort. Regular table salt is the only chemical you will need to add to the water. Saltwater tubs can also be drained less frequently than chlorinated tubs, and a properly maintained saltwater tub may only need to be drained and refilled once or twice a year.

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