Hot Tub Problems You May Need Addressed

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Hot Tub Problems You May Need Addressed

Problems with your home's hot tub can be very disruptive for individuals that enjoying using this device on a regular basis. When you are responsible for the upkeep of a hot tub, you need to learn how to recognize the most common problems that arise with these units so that you are able to act quickly once these damages emerge.

Large And Small Leaks

A leak of any size in the hot tub system can be a cause for alarm. This problem can cause the hot tub's water level to steadily drop over time, and it can cause major water damage to your home or create landscaping problems for the surrounding terrain. Often, a homeowner may only be mindful of the risk of these leaks that can damage their home, but the heavily chlorinated water can also create health problems for your plants. Periodically inspecting the entire exterior of the hot tub and the ground along the base can be the best way of finding these leaks before they are able to cause extensive damage and increase your hot tub's water usage.

Jet Obstructions

Water jets are a common feature with hot tubs. These jets will work by pumping the heated water into the tub. This can provide the most efficient option for distributing hot water so that the temperature of the hot tub will be as even as possible. Unfortunately, these jets can become obstructed, and this can lead to some significant performance problems. In addition to preventing the hot tub's water from being evenly heated, a failed jet can also put a strain on the pumping system. Removing an obstruction that has become wedged deep into the tubing can be a serious challenge. However, a hot tub repair contractor will have the tools that may allow them to remove many of the clogs that your jets can develop, and if they are unable to remove the clog, they will be able to replace the tubing where the obstruction is located instead.

Faulty Heating Systems

A failure of the heating system for the hot tub can be an extremely noticeable issue. Luckily, the majority of the issues that are experienced by these heating systems can be effectively repaired. For example, the heating elements for these warming systems can normally be replaced with minimal cost or disruption. However, it is still the type of work to leave to a professional due to the risk of being injured or even killed when working on the electrical systems.

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