3 Ways To Clean Your Kitchen Appliances This Summer

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3 Ways To Clean Your Kitchen Appliances This Summer

This summer, make sure that you take some time to clean up your kitchen. Cleaning up your kitchen and taking care of your appliances will allow your appliances to last longer and will help ensure that your appliances do not need much maintenance.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Take care of your garbage disposal by cleaning it every few months. It is easy to clean the components of your garbage disposal safely.

Put a mixture of ice cubes and table salt down your garbage disposal, run some cold water for a few seconds, then run your garbage disposal. The ice and salt will clean your garbage disposal.

If things are not smelling right, you can get rid of the smell by cutting up some citrus peels, be it oranges, limes, or lemons, and putting them down your garbage disposal. This will help sanitize your garbage disposal.

Clean Your Refrigerator

Pull your refrigerator out from the wall. Behind your refrigerator or underneath the refrigerator under the kick panel are coils. These coils help keep your refrigerator cool. Over time, dirt and dust can get stuck on the coils. As the refrigerator coils get clogged up, the coils will not be able to work as effectively as they should.

The easiest way to keep your refrigerator clean is by using a handheld vacuum to clean the coils and get rid of the dirt that is clogging up your coils. This will help your refrigerator run more effectively.

Next, check the seal on your refrigerator door. When the seal gets worn down, your refrigerator door will not stay sealed when you shut the door. If the seal is worn down, you'll want to replace it. If the seal is in good shape, clean the seal and be sure to clean around all the folds as well.

Clean Your Oven

Next, make sure that you keep your oven clean as well. Start by cleaning out the drip bowls under your burner elements. Soak the burner elements for a few minutes; this will allow all the junk on the burner element to soak off.

Open up the oven and pull out the racks. Clean the bottom and sides of the oven. Be sure to rinse the oven clean so that no residue is left behind. Get rid of any burned junk on the bottom of your oven. Pull your oven out from against the wall and clean behind it as well. If your oven has a vent fan, clean the filter as well.

This summer, spend a little time in your kitchen cleaning up your appliances. If you clean up your appliances, they will last longer and you'll get more use out of them. If you need help with this cleaning or find that your appliances need maintenance, contact a local appliance service company like D& S  Appliance

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